First visit of Rwanda Kenya exchange visit

Family photo at SYTRIECI office

StreetNet International and EATUC (East African Trade Union Confederation) organised a programme of exchange visits between their affiliates in Kenya and Rwanda.

The first visit took place in Rwanda from November 9th to November 12th 2015.

The purpose of exchange visits was to learn more about the organizations’ experiences.

KENASVIT was the visiting organization with 4 Leaders. They have been hosted by StreetNet International affiliate and EATUC affiliate in Rwanda (SYTRIECI and CESTRAR).

Visit of KENASVIT at CESTRAR office

The programme was prepared by the hosted organizations, according to the terms of reference for exchange visit focused on one workshop and visits to informal workers on the ground. They visited CESTRAR Office, members of SYTRIECI at their work places and they also met COSYLI (National center to whom SYTRIECI is affiliated).

According to the report prepared by SYTRIECI and KENASVIT “This exchange visit gave an intellectual support to the members because they have been reminded their great role and contribution in development of their countries.”