International Street Vendors` New Manifesto Timeframe (2011 – 2013)

As per basic New Manifesto campaign document:

Phase 1 (January 2011 onwards) – incl. establishment of SICC at International Council 2011

Phase 2 Identifying vendors` demands (August 2011 onwards) – this is at the most basic levels

Phase 3Processing demands at national level (November 2011)

Phase 4 Promoting national debates on issues raised by vendors (January 2012 onwds)

Phase 5 Crystallising demands (January 2012 onwards)

Phase 6 Formulating New Manifesto and process of adoption (November 2012 – Fourth StreetNet International Congress in March/April 2013)

Phase 7 Using the New Manifesto to improve the situation of street vendors (May 2013 onwards into 2014 and beyond)

Plan of Activities – some ideas

(1) Affiliates to hold meetings to read and discuss New Manifesto Campaign document

(2) Affiliates to hold meetings with organisations which share your concerns (such as unions, other street organisations, environmental groups or academics) and ask them to support your demands or work together in other ways and form a coordinating committee at local and national level;

(3) Coordinating committee to complete StreetNet questionnaire and send back!

(4) Coordinating committees to hold focus group discussions, general meetings and workshops to collect needs and demands of street vendors, informal market vendors and hawkers at general meetings, workshops and focus groups; using the discussion guide.

(5) meet sympathetic members of the media to help devise a media strategy to promote the Campaign and further its objectives;

(6) produce national campaign newsletter, leaflets and e-newsletter if possible.

Some ideas for action in testing emerging campaign demands

(1) write a letter to the Mayor, Council members and other authorities attaching the list of demands and ask for a meeting;

(2) write a media release explaining that you have sent the letter to the Mayor and have requested a meeting;

(3) follow up on the request for a meeting with the Mayor by letter and phone or personal visit;

(4) publish the list of demands in the local newspaper or make them known through a radio programme; NB remember to send a copy to StreetNet for distribution as well!

(5) meet sympathetic members of the media to help devise a media strategy to promote the campaign and further its objectives;

(6) make a small publication with the demands and ask members and allies to distribute;

(7) produce a national campaign newsletter, leaflets and other materials:

(8) if still no response from the municipality, think of some public actions you could carry out like an action walk through the centre of the town, public meeting or concert to highlight your demands and invite members, allies and the media.

(9) Hold a march to the Mayor`s office to hand over the list of demands and to request the establishment of a municipal bargaining forum.