Resolution 12: Worker Education in the informal economy

This Second International Congress of StreetNet:


1. StreetNets affiliation to the International Federation of Workers Education Associations (IFWEA)

2. StreetNets role in monitoring and evaluation of the IFWEA Southern and East Africa project on organizing workers in the informal economy;

3. StreetNets history of collaboration at country and regional level with IFWEA affiliates WEAZ (Zambia), PLADES (Peru), Workers College and Ditsela (South Africa) and relationships with LARRI (Namibia), SEWA Academy (India), LEARN (Philippines), LRS and Khanya College (South Africa)

4. the need for more capacity in workers education organizations to be able to take on facilitation of informal economy workers education activities for StreetNets affiliates.


1. To participate in the Worker Educators Forum for workers education in the informal economy which will be convened at the international conference of IFWEA in Ahmedabad, India, in December 2007, to contribute and gain some experience about perspectives on workers education in the informal economy.

2. To develop a 3-year Workers Education programme spanning 2008 to 2010.

3. To continue to develop informal economy worker education materials and make these available for wider use by informal economy workers organizations, in collaboration with IFWEA affiliates.

4. To identify and develop worker educators from among the affiliates of StreetNet International.