Resolution 7: Street children

The First International Congress of StreetNet:


1. that many of the worlds cities have increasing numbers of children living on their streets;

2. that these children are vulnerable to danger and abuse, many of them survive by begging, many of them fall prey to substance abuse at an early age, and many fall into the clutches of criminal elements who exploit them to commit crimes for which juveniles face lighter punishments than adult criminals;

3. that unfortunately many people confuse street children and street vendors and do not understand the difference;


1. to create public awareness of the difference between street vendors and street children;

2. to promote preventative programmes to ensure that the children of street vendors do not become street children, by means of:

– affordable child-care facilities for pre-school children of street vendors;

– accessible education for children of street vendors;

– further opportunities for the development of the potential of the children of street vendors;

3. to pressurise local and national government authorities to initiate social programmes for the rehabilitation and development of the potential of children below the age of 15 living on the streets, and their parents.