NewsBox, 4 – 17 August 2014

INDONESIA. Eviction of street vendors, squatters sparks strong protest. The Jakarta Post (16 August 2014) by Dewanti A. Wardhani

USA. Students Developed the Street Cart of the Future, and Their Ideas Are Awesome. Motherboard (15 August 2014) by Nadja Sayej

INDIA. Street Vendors on Warpath for Licence, ID Cards. New Indian Express (15 August 2014) by Shafeeq Alingal

THAILAND. City Hall president accused of extortion. Bangkok Post (14 August 2014) by  Wassayos Ngamkham

AFRICA. Dress your business in formal clothes and see it grow.   How We Made it in Africa (14 August 2014) by Denfin Mulup

ZIMBABWE. Vendors seek residents, youths backing. News Day (14 August 2014) by Veneranda Langa

INDIA. Vending Zone Faces Vendors Act Humps. New Indian Express (11 August 2014) by Express News Service

INDIA. From shopping to street food, they’re brimming with ideas. TNN (10 August 2014)

ZIMBABWE. Vendors recount hell at hands of council police.  News Day (9 August 2014)

SWAZILAND. Squeaky clean cities, simmering poverty. Observer (8 August 2014)

NEPAL. A Study on the Street Vendors of Kathmandu. News Maker (8 August 2014) via Pertanika Journal