Resolution 11: HIV-AIDS in the informal economy

This Second International Congress of StreetNet:


1. that many street vendors are affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, either because they have lost their employment through being HIV-positive or suffering from AIDS, or because they have to support more and more dependants as they lose breadwinners in their extended families;

2. Uganda is one of the countries in Africa that has initiated the Market Vendors Aids Project (MAVAP) which has done a good job. This could be referred to as a role model for other affilliated organisations that may wish to establish such initiatives.


That all affiliated organisations should establish HIV/AIDS committees at their members places of work, focus objectively on sensitisation programmes, voluntary counselling and testing procedures for workers to know their HIV status, treatment of infected clients by providing them with ARVs (anti-retroviral treatment) and other necessities including prevention.

StreetNet International and all StreetNet affiliates should make possible contacts with other International Organisations to solicit funds for affiliates to run HIV/AIDS programmes. StreetNet should also establish an international Sub-Committee on HIV/AIDS in accordance with Clause 10.6(d) of the StreetNet Constitution.

Exchange of visits and sharing of experiences is of paramount importance and must be encouraged. Partnerships need to be established with health institutions and health professionals (both medical and psychological) for maximum effectiveness.