14th of November: International Day of Street Vendors!

The 14th of November is the day when Us, Street Vendors from all around the world celebrate our struggle and strength.

As we get here to celebrate the international street vendors day, there is the need to push for the ratification of the ILO convention 190 on the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work.

This is especially important for the informal economy workers around the world, as a large percentage of street and market vendors continue to face all forms of harassment and violence in their working spaces on a daily basis.

We demand immediate stop of the atrocities and police violence perpetrated daily by the State against workers, in addition to treating us as criminals: #StopViolenceAndHarassment in the World of Work, #StopForcedEvictions.

Long live the Street Vendors! Long live the dignity of Street Vendors work!!

#StreetNet14Nov #InternationalStreetVendorsDay!

Lorraine Sibanda – StreetNet International President