Informal Economy

Informal transport: “About 185 000 people work in the kombi taxi industry in South Africa. The workers provide the main form of public transport in the country. …In addition to drivers there are queue marshalls, car washers, and administrative workers. In some parts of the country there are also fare collectors. Very few taxi workers are self-employed. Most work for a taxi owner and are paid wages. However, very few taxi workers have a formal written contract of employment. At the time of writing there are no national standards for conditions of work in the taxi industry and there is no minimum wage level” (Organising in the taxi industry: The South African experience, page 5).

Organising in the taxi industry: The South African experience – CASE/ILO/SATAWU SEED Working Paper No.39 (PDF Acrobat) January 2003 – Barrett, Jane; – Series on Representation and Organization Building – Working paper.