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Recently, StreetNet interviewed street vendors in order to understand how its work concretely impacts their lives. Each vendor holds membership in one of the following StreetNet affiliate organizations: Cambodia’s IDEA, India’s SEWA, Liberia’s FEPTIWUL, and Rwanda’s SYTRIECI.

The vendors interviewed described just how much StreetNet and its affiliates’ work helps them and their families improve their economic and living conditions, build confidence, experience less workplace harassment and violence, access education, and contribute in meaningful leadership roles within their organizations and communities. 

This way, I can ensure the future

Anathalie Iamubonye 

Learn how…

in Cambodia, IDEA gave Pheng Rathana the tools and support to fight eviction

Cambodia street vendor Pheng Rathana and daughter

in India, SEWA helped Rajani Varni leave a jute shack and build a three-story home

Indian street vendor Rajani Varni

in Liberia, FEPTIWUL and Precious Chesson overcame police harassment

Liberian street vendor Precious Chesson

in Rwanda, joining SYTRIECI gave Anathalie Iamuboyne the opportunity to access microloans

Rwandan street vendor Anathalie Iamuboyne

We are moving together

Precious Chesson

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