Women street traders talk about the FIFA World Cup

By StreetNet International
September 2, 2011
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26 May 2010

A series of interviews was done in Nelson Mandela Bay by Maria Hedman, intern with StreetNet International. The interviews are part of the World Class Cities for All Campaign (WCCA) organised by Streetnet International. The WCCA campaign is concerned that vendors are not getting a fair deal out of the World Cup. While the government of South Africa and FIFA are saying that the World Cup will benefit everyone, in practice many vendors are finding that they will be excluded from the fan parks and public viewing zones. Streetnet wants to help strengthen the organisations of street vendors and to set up mechanisms so that the municipalities are obliged to consult with street vendors on any plans which will impact on their lives. The interviews aim to get a better understanding of street vendors lives; the networks in which they are involved, organising issues, hopes and expectations about the street vendors association they belong to, perceptions about the FIFA World Cup and attitudes from different actors eg local authorities.

Interview with Mama Thelma

Interview with Mama Majola

Interview with Mama Ilundus

Interview with Mama Julia

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