Collective Struggle: FIWON (Nigeria)

The Federation of Informal Workers Organisation of Nigeria – FIWON was founded on June 18, 2010. It was the result of several years of efforts by activists to form a national platform pushing for the contributions of informal economy workers to be recognized, respected and appreciated. We talked with FIWON’s General Secretary, Gbenga Komolafe, to learn more about the collective struggle of informal economy workers in Nigeria and discover what we can learn from their experience.

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We are launching a crowdfunding training program!

The popularity of crowdfunding is growing, but many informal economy workers’ organizations have yet to seize upon this tool for fundraising. Now, street vendors’ organizations affiliated to StreetNet have a chance to develop their crowdfunding skills.

StreetNet is launching a crowdfunding training program exclusively for its affiliates. This program will give organizations of informal traders the opportunity to learn about crowdfunding and implement their own campaign, so they can become more resilient and financially sustainable!

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Crowdfunding for women street vendors in Bangladesh: challenges and lessons learned

Repon Chowdhury, President of Labour at Informal Economy (LIE) – StreetNet affiliate in Bangladesh – was one of the participants of the capacity-building crowdfunding pilot project. Together with his team of five members, they developed the campaign Support vulnerable women street vendors in Bangladesh. We reached out to Repon to understand what were the challenges they faced when developing the campaign and what are some lessons learned which he can share with other street vendors interested in investing in crowdfunding to support their members.

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Collective Struggle: UNICAB (Brazil)

“To confront, to resist and to persist”

The National Union of Hawkers, Street and Market Vendor Workers of Brazil – UNICAB was founded in July of 2015, after many years of struggle led by diverse activists in several Brazilian cities. To understand how the organization was created and how it boosted the struggle of street vendors in Brazil, we spoke with the members of the Executive elected in the 2019 Congress, Juliano Fripp and Maria de Lourdes do Carmo (also known as Maria dos Camelôs), in order to share their perspective about the evolution of UNICAB and the collective struggle for hawkers and street and market vendors in Brazil.

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Inspiring Workers: Angélique Kipulu Katani

Angélique Kipulu Katani is a current Member-Auditor of the StreetNet’s Executive Committee. She emerged as an accomplished women leader in the trade union movement and a fierce advocate for women’s rights in her home country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and beyond. Her main priority now is the defense of the rights of women informal workers, especially street and market vendors.

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