StreetNet regularly develops campaigns to defend the rights of informal economy workers. These campaigns are often done in cooperation with our partners around key dates for workers (e.g. May Day, World Day for Decent Work) or major events (e.g. World Class Cities for All campaigns around the FIFA World Cups).

The most important campaign of the year is the annual campaign for the International Day of Street Vendors, November 14.

Past Campaigns


The actions of StreetNet International and its affiliates are an illustration of solidarity and the power of collective action by informal economy workers in times of crisis.

May Day 2021

May Day 2021 | Investments in social and labour protection are needed for economic recovery

World Day for Decent Work 2020

For World Day for Decent Work (#WDDW2020​) we asked our members what decent work meant for them as street vendors and informal traders. What we created together is a rallying cry to provide social protection, a fair salary, and safe workplaces for street vendors and other informal economy workers!

2 Billion Strong: Recovery Starts With Us!

The campaign “2 Billion Strong: Recovery Starts With Us” is based on the joint statement “COVID-19 and the World’s Two Billion Informal Economy Workers”, calling on governments to partner with informal economy workers for relief, recovery and resilience efforts.