Cape Town Mayor accepts Western Cape Informal Traders Coalition (WCITC) submission

By StreetNet International
September 5, 2011
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23 October 2009

In what is seen as a major breakthrough, the Mayor instructed Mr. Mohamed (Director economic development and Tourism) to facilitate a day long workshop between all role-players as soon as possible. This he intimated might be held at the Good Hope Centre and possibly within weeks rather than months. The coalition welcomes this development and views it as an opportunity to better convey our concerns. We congratulate the Mayor on this bold step, one which we had hoped might have been implemented a while ago by the responsible City officials.

The lines of communication are once again open and the coalition shall use them to the advantage of its constituency. The Mayor accepted our submission and promised to investigate further. (From reportback by WCITC on meeting, 23 October, 2009)

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