Rustenberg Royal Bafokeng Stadium – Hawkers demand a pro-poor 2010

By StreetNet International
September 6, 2011
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1 May 2007

By Cheche Selepe

RUSTENBURG: David Mosome (above) is not just a hawker peddling hats, socks, nail-cutters and a host of other non-perishables under the bridge at the Rustenburg taxi rank. He is also chairperson at the local SA national civic association and a hawker leader. Mosome has joined the call by the local hawker organisations and the international hawker movement – StreetNet. The organisations are calling for the inclusion of the poor in the build-up to the 2010 world-cup. The city`s Royal Bafokeng Stadium is host to the 2010 soccer extravagance. The stadium is owned by presumably Africa`s richest monarch, the Royal Bafokeng reigning in the land boasting the world`s largest platinum deposits. ‘Surely, the 2010 games are an affair of the rich. What about badidi (the poor),` questions Mosome. According to him, there has been no communication between the local organising team and the hawkers – the poor communities. Mosome says the 2010 event should not just be for the rich people. ‘The hawkers and poor people on the ground should be included in all preparations for the games.`

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