Blantyre flea market was burned and the cause of the fire is not yet known.

By StreetNet International
September 22, 2011
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22 September 2011

It is still under investigation.

Last month, a demonstration which was planned for 17th August 2011 was postponed due to court injunction which was still in court on that day and that the United Nations delegation was in Malawi for dialogue which is taking place between government and civil society. Prior to 17th August the State President went around the cities and told the people not join the demonstrations, especially vendors. He promised them loans and he also told them that they were free to sell their wares wherever they want. On 18th August 2011 most vendors in Lilongwe went back into the streets and started selling their merchandise but on 19th August 2011 the City council refused them to trade in the streets as promised. The government deployed police to chase the vendors away. Actually this was a political empty promise because the President is under panic from people of Malawi due to economic challenges. He targeted and cheated vendors because they are in majority. As we know, most politicians use vulnerable people for their goals. The President even called people to palaces for dinning, drinks and dancing with them before 17th August 2011. Now all government officials and presidential are denying that the State President told vendors to sell wherever they want, including streets.


Vendors back in Lilongwe streets on 18th August 2011

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