Message of Support to NASVI National Campaign for a Central Law

By StreetNet International
January 19, 2012
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"20th January National Street Vendors Day of India"

FEDEVAL, in a meeting of its Executive Council, unanimously agreed to issue a message of support for the initiative undertaken by NASVI, since January 20 2004, this historic date, with the objective of achieving a Law to regulate the activities of street vendors of India, a Law which will recognise the value of their work; a Law which will guarantee their fundamental social and labour
rights; a Law which will promote Decent Work for All.

If this proposed Law is achieved by NASVI, which we sincerely hope will be the case, it will be a magnificent precedent for StreetNet affiliates, who with this example of the strategy and struggle of NASVI to inspire them, will also struggle together to achieve a Law to guarantee justice for the street vendors in every country of each of us.

This 20th January FEDEVAL congratulates and supports NASVI (INDIA).

Long live the street vendors day in India!

¡¡Viva Nasvi!! ¡¡Viva Fedeval!!

¡¡Viva Streetnet International!!


Executive Council

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