NASVI National Day of Action for a Central Law for Street Vendors – 20th January

By StreetNet International
January 19, 2012
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The StreetNet affiliate, the National Alliance of Street Vendors of India, is organising a series of activities throughout the country in order to mark the National Street Vendors’ Day on 20th January. This date was when the Government of India approved the National Policy on Street Vendors in 2004. Since then, NASVI has been campaigning for a Central Law in order to strengthen the protection provided to street vendors. 

NASVI is planning conventions, multi-stakeholder consultations, workshops and round tables, as well as public meetings, rallies and demonstrations. 

NASVI passed a major milestone in this campaign when, last year, the Government agreed in principle to introduce the Central Law in Parliament. NASVI is now seeking to ensure that the law provides the strongest protections possible for street vendors.

Streetnet International Coordinator, Pat Horn, has written to NASVI to support the national day of action.  She stated in her letter dated 15th January:

"StreetNet supports the position of NASVI that the law should be comprehensive and effective in ensuring a secure and dignified livelihood for all street vendors in India."

Pat Horn commented today "The NASVI campaign for the adoption of a Central Law in India is an integral part of the StreetNet’s New Manifesto campaign.  If the Law in India is passed, it will be a significant precedent for many other countries around the world, who are considering a review of their own legal frameworks and policies towards street vendors. We are requesting all our affiliates to send letters of support to put pressure on the Government of India to ensure the best outcomes for vendors in India- and indeed for all street vendors!"

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