STREETNET visit to Tunisia – Memorandum of understanding

By StreetNet International
December 14, 2012
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First day of visit to the Annex headquarters of the UGTT (Tunisian Workers Union). On the picture you can see Sania Bouslama Letaief (Unionist member of the UGTT, Member of the Health Working Group of PSI and Board Member of AFTURD in charge of Communication) in discussion with the three women, members of StreetNet delegations.Following the approval of the International Council of StreetNet, a group of three women, members of affiliated organisations in West African French countries, together with the organiser of StreetNet for the same region, paid a working visit to Tunisia from 27th of August to 1st of September 2012.

The program developed in collaboration with representatives of UNI-AFRICA MENA (Uniglobal Network International, Coordination Middle East and North Africa) and ISP (International Public Service) permitted the meeting and discussion with several officials and particularly the Secretary General of UGTT, the Women’s committees of UGTT, UNI-AFRICAMENA and ISP, and other organisations and associations defending women’s rights and human rights as well as the independent union of street vendors and a representative of the African Development Bank.

This visit was also an occasion to organise a workshop on campaign activities of StreetNet which brought together around the same table 35 participants including several trade unionists, street vendors, as well as government officials from relevant ministries and the municipality of Tunis.

The visit was successful. Therefore, it was mutually agreed to establish a memorandum of understanding to lay the foundations for sustained cooperation and expand the field.

Meeting at the Annex headquarter of UGTT with the delegation of StreetNet, Leaders of the Street Vendors Union, leaders of UGTT, UNI-AFRICA MENA and PSI.

Thus, the two parties agreed to:

  1. Exchange information about their mutual competence and particularly those relating to street vendors, market vendors and associations that have the same approach as StreetNet.
  2. Exchange experiences in the creation of union, organisation and recruitment.
  3. Support each other in work of joint performance of tasks.
  4. Co-organise training sessions for union and street vendors.
  5. Work together for the recognition of unions such as street vendors.
  6. Take steps leading to the penetration of StreetNet in the Maghreb and the Middle East.
  7. Jointly write to donors to ask them to fund mutual activities.
  8. Undertake an awareness campaign among local union representatives to get them to accept street vendors as workers and organise within their midst.

Written and signed in Tunis on September 1, 2012

Sibailly Maximilien Douhoure Mongi Abderrahim
Organizer Coordinator

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