Market vendors from Ukrainian capital demand re-election of municipality

By StreetNet International
June 19, 2013
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Kyiv City Organisation of the Free Trade Union of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine in the coalition of other organisations actively participated in the preparation and conduction of the protest action against the usurpation of power in the city of Kiev and the whole country.

On June 2, despite the heavy rain, around 1500 people attended the rally, the evidence of which was a list of 1 200 signatures collected directly at the rally and under the participants’ umbrellas. Those protestors were the citizens who wanted to join the network of resistance to the upcoming dictatorship and to continue the fight.

June 2nd 2013 was exactly the date of term expiration of the Kyiv city Council acting composition, elected in 2008 for a term of five years. Besides, Leonid Chernovetskyi, the elected mayor of Kiev has left the city a long time ago and resigned, unable to withstand the pressure from the ruling clan in Ukraine. But the ruling party does not enjoy the support of Kiev and sees no chance of winning the election. Therefore it blocks the appointment of a new election date for both the mayor and a city council.

The problem of authority in Kiev directly concerns the life of tens of thousands of small entrepreneurs. The current composition of city council proved to be a very corrupt and serving big business oligarch as well as owning supermarket chains, purposefully seeking to destroy the alternative trade – street vending, markets, small entrepreneurship. In addition, the current (but overdue and completely lost its legitimacy) composition of the City Council was a key actor in the looting of property, illegal construction, killing the historical figure of ancient Kyiv and degrading the environment and living space of the Ukrainian capital.

The protest action was a launch of the campaign, the aim of which – to return municipality to Kyiv.

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