Inhabitants of Kiev (Ukraine) witness another barbaric demolition of working places of entrepreneurs

By StreetNet International
September 20, 2013
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During the raid a small cafe and several shopping pavilions have been destroyed at the metro station "Lesnaya." Working entrepreneurs showed their permits. However, some of them reported that from recently the city authorities refused to renew the permit documents for the land use. Behind these actions of the authorities, the entrepreneurs see the order of influential owners of large trading businesses. Some of whom – are people with "doubtful" past who have managed to become Members of Kyiv City Council, and have an influence on the decision to place the trading outlets around the city.


However, some of the affected traders presented the documents according to which they have a right to trade at a given location as the payment was done to the city’s budget till the middle of 2014. In addition to the entrepreneur himself, seven employees have been working at this enterprise and for whom all the required taxes and fees had been regularly transferred to the budget of the social funds. Another entrepreneur, Sergey, who owned a small restaurant told the journalists in front of the cameras about illegal exactions demanded by officials. The entrepreneur had to pay to them 65,000 USD if he wanted to continue his small business otherwise the restaurant would be dismantled.


But more than the unidentified situation arose with the Kyiv City Council. In early June, a legal term of City Council was ended but the Members of "expired" City Council, despite the scandals and protests, continue on behalf of the City of Kiev to divide the property and, in particular, to influence the fate of small businesses and engaged in it workers.

Free Trade Union of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine (FTUEU) drew attention to the fact that such events would not be possible if the entrepreneurs, having a proper foresight and solidarity, are united, organised, and operate as one body for prevention of lawless actions by corrupt officials.

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