NSSF invites informal sector workers to participate in the National Security Fund in Tanzania

By StreetNet International
October 18, 2013
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NSSFThe NSSF Informal Sector Operation Officer, Mr Salim Kimaro, extended these commendations in Dar es Salaam during a seminar with entrepreneurs to shed light on the benefits of joining the fund.

The seminar, which was graced by the ISWU Guardian, Mr Ramadhani Madabida, also witnessed the launch of Community Cooperative Micro Insurance (CCMI) whose members will be able to benefit from NSSF products.

"Efforts made to establish this umbrella are crucial due to the fact that people working in the informal sector will be able to join our fund through this umbrella and will benefit from various covers including health and soft loans," he said.

Mr Kimaro noted that NSSF in collaboration with Sanitas Hospital and Equity Bank who were present at the seminar will ensure that entrepreneurs who will join the fund through the umbrella association are assisted to meet their economic and social needs.

"Members from the informal sector will start benefiting from various arrangements including health insurance after they contribute for three months. NSSF covers all medical expenses except for diseases which are treated freely by the government," he said.

The ISWU Guardian, Mr Ramadhani Madabida, who is also the Chairman of Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in Dar es Salaam Region said that efforts to bring together entrepreneurs under ISWU started in 2008.

"In 2008 we started with an idea of establishing a youths’ bank but we failed on that one and we later focused on this umbrella and the objective was to find an avenue from where people working in the informal sector would be able to benefit from health and financial services and lead better lives," he said.

Mr Madabida noted that putting up good infrastructures such as roads, water and better schools would not serve any purpose if people are not enabled to lead a better life.

By ABDULWAKIL SAIBOKO, Tanzania Daily News

Comment from StreetNet Affiliate TUICO

We approached the NSSF to enquire about educating our members in informal economy. They replied us that they are ready to do the job if the informal workers are organised in a recognised place.

We are still working on it and will send updates.

Jimtom Mboya – Assistant Secretary – Service and Consultancy.
For General Secretary – TUICO

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