The articulation process of the street vendors of Brazil

By StreetNet International
November 27, 2013
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By Maira Vannuchi

Over the past two years with a lot of investment and dedication, the World Class Cities for All Brazil campaign has presented a lot of progress towards strengthening the street vendors from the FIFA World Cup Brazilian host cities.

Since 2011, representatives from eight cities which will host the World Cup matches have been meeting and discussing the need of articulation, struggle for rights, recognition of the category and unity. Earlier this year, as a result of the work of political organisation, representatives from various associations and unions of street vendors met in Sao Paulo and decided to create a national organisation. Since then two other regional meetings were held and several virtual meetings gave segment to the discussions, which bore fruit to the so called the National Commission for Street Vendors.

The newly created National Commission for Vendors was born with two initial strategies which are intended to get attention of the President Dilma Rousseff: the guarantee of work during the World Cup and broadening the debate on social security to the street vendors.

A meeting in Brasilia is being negotiated, as well as the foundations and principles that will mediate the future National Movement of Street Vendors.

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