By StreetNet International
February 24, 2014
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INDIA. Street vendors on indefinite strike. TNN (16 February 2014).

INDIA. Woman vendors to press for passage of Street Vendors Bill. Zee News (16 February 2014).

INDIA. Congress workers detained for protests. TNN (15 February 2014).

CAMBODIA. The wisdom of street vendors. The Advisor Cambodia (14 February 2014).

MALAWI. Malawi: BCC Plans to Summon Asian Business Community Over Street Vending. All Africa (14 February 2014) by Tikondane Vega via Malawi News Agency.

ZIMBABWE. Consider female vendor’s plight. Manica Post (14 February 2014).

INDIA. Magsaysay awardee supports street vendors. TNN (14 February 2014).

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO. Food safety and ‘street food’. News Day (13 February 2014).

INDONESIA. Street Vendors Back to Crowd Park of Jl, Ampera Raya. Berita Jakarta (13 February 2014).

USA. Street Vendors Push for New Law. ATVN (11 February 2014) by Alison Chang video by Kay Angrum.

INDIA. Now, you can eat street food in Delhi in these 8 ‘safe zones’! Daily Bhaskar (10 February 2014).

UK & GLOBAL. We’re making an Issue out of street papers. Evining Times (4 February 2014) by Russell Leadbetter.

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