SYTRIECI, a new African Organisation, accepted as part of the StreetNet International Family

By StreetNet International
June 29, 2015
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SYTRIECI, (Syndicat des travailleurs indépendants de l’économie informelle). is a Trade Union of Independent Workers of Informal Economy. SYTRIECI was formed for the protection and promotion of rights and the well being of Independents Workers. It is apolitical and non-denominational. SYTRIECI has been founded official in February 23rd, 2014 at Kigali- Rwanda.


  • Defend the independent informal workers’ socio-economic interests.
  • Conduct research related to informal workers and benefits attached to it in order to improve wage conditions of workers evolving in that sector.
  • Sensitize and train independent workers of informal economy about laws regulating labor.
  • Advocate for the social protection rights
  • Sensitize the workers on the importance of making the coperatives
  • Educate the women to create jobs in many domains

Members participating in one of the workshops

SYTRIECI has a vision to protect and promote the rights of workers in the informal economy with the view of improving their living and working conditions.

The main focus is marginalised poor women without the means to organise themselves in cooperatives and also male traders who are interested to become members of cooperatives.

SYTRIECI engaged in many activities such as creating the mini-local market and street venders; creating vocational activities ie generating incomes like tailoring; workshops in finance, entrepreneurship, and human rights; elaborating and managing small projects, guidance and counseling for the several vulnerable categories and advocacy at several levels.

Members participating in one of the workshops

For more information, please contact StreetNet organiser, Sibailly M’douhoure-

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