StreetNet affiliate from Azerbaijan helps street vendors in villages and promotes ILO Recommendation 204

By StreetNet International
October 19, 2015
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Pictured are Street vending spaces in Vandam and Kharkhar villages

In the framework of creating favorable conditions for street traders, Federation of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan "Xhidmat-ISH" started negotiations with the local municipal authorities. According to the negotiations, there are already first small, but successful results.

The municipalities of the village Vandam, Gabalinsky district and village Kharkhar, Gadabeksky district have been working on installing facilities of trading spaces for street vendors. First of all, a proper cover was built and ordered the section for keeping the boxes with the goods. The toilet is built and a praying place was created in the village Kharkhar. Trading place has become more solid and comfortable for street vendors. Bad weather conditions also don’t affect traders that much. "Xhidmat-ISH" continues to work in this direction in all regions of the country.

It needs to be noted that StreetNet affiliate from Azerbaijan takes an active part in the implementation of the recently adopted ILO Recommendation number 204 on the transition from informal to formal economy.

So, on September 30, 2015 an educational activity was held in the framework of the ILO Recommendation 204: "Effective use of social partnership mechanisms to reduce informal economy."

The event was facilitated by Mr. Vsevolod Barbanyagru, ILO expert and President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Azerbaijan "Xhidmat-ISH" Mr. Ilyas Aliyev.

The workshop was attended by trade union activists and sector specialists. Particular attention was paid to such notion as "informal sector" and how it affects the country’s economy. It was noted that the informal sector is multifaceted and from scientific point of view, it has not been studied till the end. In addition, it is also clear that the informal sector is multilateral and has to quickly react to legislative changes.

In the framework of trade union interests, the informal sector deprives workers of social guarantees and they are outside the coverage of labor legislation. As a result of the event, the trade union "Xhidmat-ISH" outlined the following activities to be done shortly:

  1. To conduct advocacy activities in all regions, with participation of employers;
  2. To conduct educational workshops in 10 regions, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, taxation department, Social Fund and representatives of local authorities on the issue of informal employment reduction;
  3. To prepare leaflets and posters on the negative side of the informal sector;
  4. With this aims, to use possibilities of mass media and prepare a video clip.

On October 23, 2015, the Federation "Xhidmat-ISH" will hold its plenum on the issue "The role of trade union organizations in the campaign on transition from the informal to the formal economy."

Information provided by
Jamal Ismayilov, Xhidmat-ISH Vice-President

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