Newly approved StreetNet Regional Focal Points for Asia and Europe

By StreetNet International
August 13, 2018
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StreetNet welcomes the Nepal Union of Street Traders (NEST-Nepal) and Moldova-Business-Sind (Moldova) as newly established StreetNet Regional Focal Points (RFP) for Asia and Europe respectively.

Recently, at the 2018 International Council meeting, StreetNet leadership approved the recommendation of its affiliates from Asia and Eastern Europe to move the StreetNet RFPs for Asia to Nepal and the RFP for Europe to Moldova.
NEST appointed Brother Narayan Neupane, who has served as a member of StreetNet International Council (2013-2016) as the RFP Contact Person. He will run the RFP work from NEST with technical support from the General Federation of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), with which NEST is affiliated.

Moldova-Business-Sind received the RFP responsibilities for Europe. Acting MBS Chairwoman Sister Tamara Bodnari will run the RFP with assistance from the International Department of the National Trade Union Center in Moldova (CNSM) and from the Labour Institute, which belongs to CNSM. Tamara Bodnari has a union experience and the  capacity and skills to be responsible for the RFP and its functioning in the region.

The RFPs should act according to the StreetNet Terms of Reference for its RFPs. Their main roles are to maintain communication on a regular basis in the region and to coordinate the regional activity.

As per the ToR, “the regional structures coordinated by the Regional Focal Point organisations do not have decision-making powers for StreetNet International as a whole. Therefore, when the affiliates in the region wish to propose a policy change or a new policy, it will be the responsibility of the Regional Focal Point organisation to forward such proposal to the StreetNet International Council or the International Congress for consideration and/or adoption.”

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