Strategic Planning and Moving Further

By StreetNet International
August 14, 2018
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by Pat Horn, StreetNet International Coordinator

After the Fifth StreetNet International Congress in India in 2016, the newly-elected members of the StreetNet international Council underwent leadership training in January 2017, followed by the first meeting of the International Council. The Council started work on a new strategic plan for StreetNet based on the following four strategic focus areas:

  1. Using collective negotiations and other related strategies of mobilisation and pressure to influence laws and urban policies in favour of street vendors and other informal workers. The New Urban Agenda is to be used as a tool in this process.
  2. Implementing R204 at country level including gaining access to tripartite forums, extension of social protection, and advancing social solidarity economy structures.
  3. Building regional solidarity between StreetNet affiliates across borders, and building regional alliances in order to advance the interests of cross-border informal traders (amongst other objectives).
  4. Continue growing and developing StreetNet International.

A strategic plan for 2020–2024 based on the following strategic focus areas will be developed with the participation of StreetNet’s elected leadership. Regional Focal Points will coordinate the regional level.


Pat Horn, the International Coordinator, is training StreetNet Organiser Oksana Abboud to take over her responsibilities with a view to hand over after 2019’s Sixth StreetNet International Congress. StreetNet has also engaged a team of young organisers (in their 30s and 40s) with core funds raised with WIEGO’s assistance secured until March 2020. This is a dynamic young team that will be responsible, in collaboration with StreetNet’s elected leaders, for taking StreetNet into the future.

WIEGO conducted intensive fundraising training with Oksana Abboud, the Financial Administrator, President, Treasurer and Members’ Auditors in April 2018. Oksana and Financial Administrator Annelene Shabaaz are currently taking fundraising responsibilities to ensure StreetNet’s sustainability after March 2020. The outgoing International Coordinator is overseeing this transition.

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