6th StreetNet International Congress 2019! Unity is Our Strength!

The 6 Congress of StreetNet International (SNI) will take place on 09-12, April in Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan.

To have balance among StreetNet regions, StreetNet rotates the congress venue each time. The Congress is the highest decision-making structure in the organization and meets every three years to discuss the challenges of the sector and consult on strategies in moving forward as a unified voice. This year, over 90 delegates from 49 affiliates in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe representing a membership of over 560000 street vendors, informal market vendors and hawkers, will be joined by allies in the movement of informal economy to share knowledge, affirm goals and priorities.

The 6th StreetNet International Congress is organized by Street Net’s current International Executive Committee, staff and sister organisations to ensure its success. The host organization – Central Committee of Trade unions of Commerce Workers of Kyrgyzstan is welcoming its Brothers and Sisters from around the world.

The congress will have commissions for rules and procedures, elections and resolutions. There will be presentations from the International Coordinator and the Treasurer during the plenary discussions.

The Congress is in solidarity with amongst membership based oraganisations (unions, co-operatives or associations) directly organising street vendors, market vendors and/or hawkers through democratic process for justice of their rights.

The key issues to be deliberated include:
à Discussion on Resolution

à Presentation of Constitutional Amendments

à Elections for leadership positions, including: International President, International Vice – President, International Secretary, International Treasurer and 11 additional members.

SNI Congress will have an exhibition space for affiliates as well as a cultural event. Affiliates will bring photographs, posters, banners and other material to share their work. A workshop on media will be part of the exciting activities for affiliates along with interviews and a daily bulletin.

For updates, please follow SNI:

Website: streetnet.org.za/

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Twitter: @StreetNet1
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