International Street Vendors` New Manifesto Mission Statement

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* Nothing for us without us!! Organised street vendors are the most appropriate agents of change for the transformation of their work and livelihoods.

  • Organised street vendors transform their working and living conditions through democratic representation and collective action.

StreetNet International Campaign Goals

1. Street vendors are recognised as workers, entitled to the same basic rights as all workers in accordance with the international standards developed by the International Labour Organisation.

2. StreetNet International adopts a new manifesto based on the needs and concerns collected from street vendors throughout the world as a living document representing their collective aspirations.

3. The street vendors` new manifesto forms the basis of collective bargaining demands at national level and is used to establish legal representational systems at local, national and international level.

4. To change the unjustified and misinformed negative public perceptions which exist in most countries about street vendors.

National Campaign Goals

1. The important contribution of street vendors to local and national economies is recognised by the public and the authorities.

2. Street vendors are mobilised to articulate and record their needs and concerns.

3. The issues affecting the poorest and most marginalised groups of vendors will be captured by them, in particular the majority group of women vendors, of young workers, and marginalised minority groups, such as disabled vendors and persons living with HIV and AIDS – who struggle most to be heard.

Campaign Methods

1. Street vendors will conduct a massive participatory action research.

2. Street vendors will form alliances with other organisations of the urban poor and recruit more street vendors to join the campaign; they will consult them on their needs and concerns and thereby encourage them to organize themselves, or to join and strengthen existing organisations.

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