Resolution 14: Creation of regional structures in StreetNet

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This Second International Congress of StreetNet:


1. that StreetNet affiliates in certain regions have established some level of direct co-operation with each other in various ways;

2. the proposals for establishing an Asian regional structure developed by affiliates attending StreetNets Asian Regional Workshop in Nepal in November 2006;

3. the constitutional provisions already in place for regional finances (Clause 11.2)


1. That StreetNet International should establish regional structures in a bottom-up manner based on the co-operation between affiliates in the region, as follows:

– one focal point organization will be identified by the International Congress or the International Council in each identified region, who will house the regional structure of StreetNet and co-ordinate the communication between affiliates in the region;

– the focal point organization will report to the International Council, and to the Executive Committee and the StreetNet office between International Council meetings;

– the focal point organization will be bound by the provisions of Clause 11.2 of the StreetNet International constitution with respect to fund-raising and financial management;

2. It will be the responsibility of affiliates in each region to organise and strengthen StreetNet in their region.

3. That the following regional structures should be established at this International Congress, with the possibility of being revised, sub-divided or added to at future International Congresses according to StreetNets expansion:

– Asia;

– West Africa;

– East and Southern Africa;

– Latin America.

4. That the StreetNet office should negotiate with the identified focal point organizations about their willingness to house StreetNets regional structures, and endeavour to raise funds to cover the administration costs incurred by focal point organizations.



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