Resolution 15: Fund-Raising Sub-Committee

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This Second International Congress of StreetNet:


1. the existing policy of StreetNet on Sustainability and Financial Self-Sufficiency, which states: Other means of fundraising will be identified and pursued, including:

– international trade between street vendors projects in different countries;

– savings and credit initiatives;

– fundraising events (such as cultural events, etc.)

2. that the First International Congress resolved to appoint a Fund-raising Sub-Committee to be responsible for the generation of income for StreetNet, with the following Terms of Reference:

– the Sub-Committee shall report to the International Council and the International Congress of StreetNet on a regular basis;

– members of the Sub-Committee will not be entitled to profit or benefit personally from any income-generation projects of StreetNet International;

– any income which accrues through the work of the Sub-Committee, including income in the form of commission or shares, shall belong to StreetNet International as an organization and not to any individual staff or member of StreetNet, including elected office-bearers and members of the Fund-Raising Sub-Committee.

3. that the Fund-Raising Sub-Committee subsequently appointed by the International Council was not able to implement the above.


1. To instruct the International Council to appoint a new Fund-Raising Sub-Committee with the above Terms of Reference, after analyzing the reasons why the first Fund-Raising Sub-Committee was not able to produce any written proposal or work plan for the International Council to consider and/or adopt.

2. The new Fund-Raising Sub-Committee should be given a time-frame within which to produce their first written report, with practical recommendations, to the International Council.

PROPOSED: StreetNet International Council

SECONDED: StreetNet Executive Committee

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