Resolution 21: Climate Change and Recyling

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The Third International Congress of StreetNet


  1. The economic and social crisis that we are currently experiencing worldwide is worsened by adverse climate change effect;
  2. Climate change causes rain, floods or drought in unseasonal periods creates bad harvest, famine, deforestation, contagious and fatal diseases;
  3. The entire humanity is responsible for this phenomenon because it is ourselves who deteriorate our environment by our daily acts, and the degradation of the environment aggravates creates climate change;
  4. The agriculture sector constitute the key drive of the economy and an irreversible pillar of the development in the world;
  5. The world’s population depends on growing vegetables and agriculture;
  6. This phenomenon creates difficulties for workers in the informal economy in managing their livelihoods, especially women and men street and market vendors, leading them more and more in the situation of poverty;
  7. Climate change has a lot of consequences on employment and there is a need for alternative methods of production and just action;
  8. There is a need to enhance understanding of climate change and related mitigation and adaption of issues and their consequences on employment.


Before the climate change which threatens the world:

  • To specifically sensitise workers in the informal economy about the impact of climate change;
  • To develop programmes as well as to train workers in the informal economy to contribute and verify that these measures are adequately implemented;
  • To developing a policy on protection and respect for the environment, to stop the use of atomic bombs which produces toxic smoke that pollutes the environment; to stop bush fires and mismanagement or water;
  • StreetNet International and its affiliates will mobilize and awaken its members about the culture of reforestation;
  • StreetNet in partnership with its affiliates and partners should conduct advocacy actions to pressurize governments to apply the Kyoto Protocol and COP15 agreements on the reduction of greenhouse gas effects in the developed countries;
  • StreetNet International and its affiliates will pursue the organizational partnership with waste collectors sector and the recyclable materials in countries where its affiliates are located worldwide.


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