Resolution 27: Addition of regional structure in StreetNet

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This Fourth International Congress of StreetNet:


  1. That the following regional structures were established at the Second StreetNet International Congress through StreetNet Resolution 14, with the possibility of being revised, sub-divided or added to at future International Congresses according to StreetNet’s expansion:
    • Asia;
    • West and Central Africa;
    • East and Southern Africa;
    • Americas
  2. That the following Regional Focal Point organizations were approved by the StreetNet International Council to house StreetNet’s regional structures:
    • Asia:  NASVI, India (April 2008, Delhi)
    • West and Central Africa:  FAINATRASIT, Togo (May 2012, Bogota)
    • East and Southern Africa:  ZCIEA, Zimbabwe (April 2008, Delhi)
    • Americas:  CTCP, Nicaragua (May 2010, Mocambique)
  3. That StreetNet’s membership in these established regions stands as follows as at the Fourth International Congress:
    • Asia:  113 996 members in 6 affiliated organisations
    • West and Central Africa:  197 842 members in 15 affiliated orgs
    • East and Southern Africa:  101 968 members in 12 affiliated orgs
    • Americas:  117 666 members in 11 affiliated organisations
  4. That StreetNet has started to expand in Europe (with emphasis on Eastern Europe and Central Asia) where the following new affiliates are not yet covered by the established regions of StreetNet: 
    • FTUEU, Ukraine (27 000 members)
    • Moldova Business Sind (884 members)
    • UPTA, Spain (2 750 members)
    • Xhidmat-ISH, Azerbaijan (5 000 members)


That StreetNet International should establish a fifth regional structure covering Europe and Central Asia, and the International Council will be charged with approving the Regional Focal point for the new region once this has been agreed by the StreetNet affiliates in the region.


   Proposed : UPTA Spain
  Seconded: USYNVEPID Benin, NASVI India

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