Resolution 29: Regulation of street trade

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  1. That in 10 years of existence, StreetNet participated positively in the awakening of consciousness of its members and encourage them to take responsibility in the defense of their economic and social rights, 
  2. That since the last Congress, StreetNet has progressed in the organizational strategies of its affiliates and that, by extending its activities to other categories of vendors such as the disabled and youth,
  3. That the resolutions adopted at the last Congress such as internal democracy and its implementation in our organizations was a positive experience, 
  4. That in certain regions of the world, StreetNet has successfully established functional structures which are the Focal Points. 


  1. That despite all these efforts, street vendors continue to be marginalized and street trading is always carried out under conditions of molestation and harassment, 
  2. That in some countries, achieving results from efforts by StreetNet remains difficult because the authorities are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the sector or they do not know how to include it into municipal policies, 
  3. That in other countries, the authorities have begun to change attitudes gradually and to have a conciliatory approach towards Street Vendors.


That StreetNet would: 

  • Support advocacy and lobbying of affiliates for the establishment of regulatory committees to defend the bill to modify the legislation on Street Trade, 
  • Adopt an innovative approach to make StreetNet accepted in conventional labor authorities, 
  • Increase the challenge of recognizing street vendors by a treaty 
  • Support the transition of the informal economy to social economy, 
  • Promote the conversion of workers in the informal economy into workers in formal economic organized into small structures or cooperatives, 
  • Influence equitable redistribution of wealth of which Street Vendors are part even if it is indirectly. 

Proposed by:  CNTS Senegal
Seconded by:  NAIEWO Uganda, FENASEIN Niger

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4th International Congress