Resolution 3: Loans

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The First International Congress of StreetNet


1. the existing policy of StreetNet International on Sustainbility and Financial Self-Sufficiency, which states: “StreetNet International should practice sound financial management and control.”

2. that StreetNet International is still dependent on donor funds in order to carry out its work;

3. that donor funds are normally not made available for the purposes of making grants or loans;

4. that the work of administering loan schemes requires substantial administrative capacity, which in itself is expensive to set up.


that any discussion about grants or loans to StreetNet members is meaningless unless StreetNet has substantial reserves of savings or other funds of its own from which any grants or loans could be financed


1. That StreetNet will not attempt to administer any loan schemes, as this would detract from the central organising and policy work which is the primary focus of StreetNet’s work;

2. That StreetNet will retain its structure and character as a non-profit organisation as the best structure for attaining the policy and organisational gains which StreetNet seeks to achieve, and for the purposes of continuing to qualify for tax exemptions on donor funds and self-generated income for running the organisation;

3. That StreetNet’s method of assisting member organisations who need funds will be by helping them to develop their own independent fund-raising capacity, or by putting them in contact with savings and credit organisations in their own countries (where StreetNet knows about such organisations) in order that they may establish working partnerships directly with them.



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