Resolution 33: the creation of a Mechanism of Supervision and Discipline

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  1. Since its founding in 2002, StreetNet International has developed a broad and sustained process of organizational growth of self-employed workers, affiliating various workers´ organizations located in production, trade and services, and promoting Social Solidarity Economy and self-management in countries, regions and sub-regions in America, Asia, Europe and Africa.


  1. The process of organizational development of StreetNet International has increased the number of members in the world, making necessary to have a regulatory instrument with legal and political union bodies with power to adjudicate, analyse and verify, and that follows up the compliance with the provisions of the statutes and resolutions of StreetNet Internat


  1. StreetNet International currently does not have a body that promotes, directs, controls and enforce the statutes and resolutions, regulations and rules that determine how leaders of StreetNet International should act.


  • To create a mechanism of supervision and discipline that promotes, manages, controls and enforces the statutes, regulations and legal norms that determine the sanctions to be applied to those leaders who by their actions endanger the unity of self-employed workers.
  • International Council should develop this mechanism and can entrust the responsibility to a suitable member of the Council who will organize and enforce all the legal system of StreetNet International to all those who have violated the statutes, norms and regulations of StreetNet International.


Proposed by:   CTCP-FNT, Nicaragua

Seconded by:



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5th International Congress