Resolution 43: The Future of Work

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This 6th International Congress of StreetNet:




  • Considering the challenges of the ILO in the Future of Work, it is important that national and local governments give recognition to self-employed workers in the informal economy;


  • In the absence of public policies of national and local governments, more unemployment is generated in the labour world, which leads to an excessive growth of the informal economy;


  • Given the growth of globalization, technology and consumerism, the worker in the informal economy experiences a continuing decrease of quality of employment and working conditions;




  • We request StreetNet to continue promoting the recognition of self-employed workers in the informal economy before the ILO so that all national and local governments recognize them.


  • We request StreetNet to support its affiliates in promoting the R204 with immediate compliance in the direct participation of workers in the informal economy to generate public policies and social protection systems that create better working and living conditions.


  • We request StreetNet to provide more training to its members to face the new challenges of the future of work, including social protection within this context.



SECONDED:  FIWON Nigeria, IHVAG Ghana, FUTTEINCO Dominican Republic, FOTSSIEH Honduras, FEPTIWUL Liberia, LDFC Congo


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