Resolution 45 on Initiating implementation of the ILO Recommendation 204 through collective bargaining with informal economy workers’ participation

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This 7th International Congress of StreetNet:


  1.     In March 2013 the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO) decided to place an item on the agenda of the 103rd and 104th sessions of the International Labour Conference (ILC) in 2014 and 2015 for discussion of an instrument on transitions from the informal to the formal economy. StreetNet along with WIEGO (Women in Informal Employment: Globalising and Organising) and other global networks of organisations of informal economy workers then prepared to participate in this discussion from within the ILO Workers’ Group, to secure the strongest possible ILO instrument in support of informal economy workers – and on 12 June 2015 the new Recommendation 204 was overwhelmingly adopted in the International Labour Conference plenary;


  1.     The primary implementer of the ILO Recommendation 204 is the ILO Member States, i.e. governments – supported by their social partners. As organised workers in the informal economy, we need to keep pushing the government through social dialogue and collective bargaining processes.  



  1. All StreetNet International affiliates shall initiate approaches to their governments for the effective implementation of the R204, or continue their engagements with their governments with new force and energy if this has already commenced, using the corresponding departments like labour, business services, finance, infrastructure, markets, technology, education and skills programme – property rights;


  1. StreetNet International Affiliated organisations make and sustain relationship with the relevant government departments on continuous basis with the support of StreetNet International whenever necessary.


  1. Develop a roadmap in line with the guiding principles of the R204 (chapter II) that would facilitate the transition to formalisation with respect to the following:
  1. Integrated policy framework
  2. Employment principles
  3. Rights and social protection
  4. Incentives, compliance and enforcement
  5. Freedom of association, social dialogue and the role of employers and workers’ organisations
  6.   Data collection and monitoring 


Proposed by:  the 7th Congress Commission on Street vendors at the negotiating table: inclusive social dialogue and participation in policy development processes


Seconded by: the 7th StreetNet Congress delegates 


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