Resolution 48: on Climate Change and Just Transition

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This 7th International Congress of StreetNet: 


Climate change threatens the lives and livelihoods of street vendors, market traders and all those in the informal economy.

StreetNet International (SNI) therefore resolves to embark on a dedicated programme to tackle climate change and secure livelihoods. 

SNI and affiliates will educate members about the impact of climate change and effective mitigation and adaptation strategies and actions.

SNI and its affiliates will pressurize governments at a local, national, regional and international level, to develop and implement interventions that tackle climate change and improve livelihood security.

StreetNet will pursue cross sector partnerships with waste pickers and other actors in the waste management system in these actions.


  • Increase awareness among our members about the impact of climate change and how vendors can be change agents.
  • Conduct training to share effective adaptation and mitigation strategies, including best practices in greening, recycling, infrastructure and advocacy.
  • Pursue active partnership with waste pickers, other informal economy worker groups and allies in achieving our goals.
  • Strategize to ensure governments include street vendors and market traders in:
    • Just Transition policies 
    • Access to social protection 
    • Accessing food and cash when faced with climate crisis events
    • Provision of infrastructure – shelter and storage – but also housing
    • Access to health care and occupation and health safety measures.
  • Pressure governments to adhere to the Paris Agreement and UN Conference of Parties (COP) commitments on the reduction of greenhouse gasses.
  • Redouble efforts to ratify ILO Convention 190 at county level and share strategies to do so.
  • Monitor Climate Funds and other funds to help affiliates secure funds to support their work on this issue. 
  • Internationally, SNI will:
    • Ensure that street vendors and market traders interests are represented in International Labour Organization deliberations and conclusions (noting the Just Transition discussions). 
    • Actively engage with COP processes.
    • Engage with the World Trade Organisation to see if street vendors’ needs are being addressed.
  • Include a clause on Climate Justice in the constitution and monitor the implementation of this resolution. 


Proposed by:  7th Congress Commission on Environmental and Climate Justice and the Role of Street Traders in the Just Transition


Seconded by: 7th StreetNet Congress delegates 


Amended Resolution 21 On Climate Change And Just Transition (Final).docx

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