Resolution 35: Corruption

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REALISING   the importance of equal and transparent accessibility to public places for economic activities to the informal workers play in improving their economic wellbeing,

NOTING  the difficulties informal economy workers pass through in acquiring public trading places and the economic disadvantage they face as they unable to manage the fees demanded,

OBSERVING   the trend of abuse by public office holders who demand for a bribe to give a public space to an informal economy workers and the economic side effect that corruption brings to informal workers in acquiring these public places for trade

ALSO REALISING that the disorder in terms of public space work relations in the informal economy is as a result of a lack strict observance by the anticorruption institutions in countries


  1. That corruption be categorized as a threat and hindrance to informal economy workers’ economic growth.
  2. That workable, transparent and unbureaucratic public space distribution mechanisms be put in place by governments.
  3. That those arrested for taking advantage of the informal economy workers vulnerability be sentenced not less than 4 years.

Proposed by:   AZIEA, Zambia

Seconded by:  ZCIEA, Zimbabwe

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5th International Congress