Resolution 6: Our fight against harassment and government crack-downs

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The First International Congress of StreetNet:


1. that many of our members are facing constant harassment and government crack-downs, which continually interfere with their productivity and their ability to earn a decent livelihood;

2. that the harassment faced by street vendors takes many forms, including violent attacks, sexual harassment, bribery and extortion sometimes perpetrated by authorities and sometimes perpetrated by thugs, gangsters and syndicates working hand-in-hand with the authorities;

3. that there are many types of gender-specific harassment, including different forms of gender-specific violence and sexual harassment, faced by women and children street vendors;


1. to fight tirelessly against all forms of harassment of street vendors, informal market vendors and hawkers throughout the world, including by initiating and participating in international campaigns;

2. in cases where harassment occurs and results in injury or losses, compensation will be demanded;

3. to publicise to the worlds population at large the problems experienced by street vendors, market vendors and hawkers with all forms of harassment, and to draw attention to the gendered nature of harassment experienced by women, who constitute the majority of the poorest street vendors, informal market vendors and hawkers in most countries;

4. to pressurise local and national government authorities to engage in social dialogue with street vendors, informal market vendors and hawkers and/or their organisations and elected representatives in order to avoid the approach of harassment or engaging in crack-downs.



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