Resolution 9: Informal economy workers

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From 26th to 30th March 2007 a workshop on collective bargaining in the Informal Economy, strategies and litigations for Street vendors was held in Saly, organized by StreetNet International, whose affiliates were represented by informal economy workers.

Those informal economy workers:

– Considering their non recognition in a legal and regulatory framework;

– Considering the fact that the Labour Codes used in most countries do not consider their concerns;

– Considering the lack of representation in the decision making structures;

– Conscious of their vulnerability and their social exclusion;

– Measuring all humiliations and harassment from policemen, municipal authorities and fiscal services;

– Considering their dynamism, their innovation capacity, their creative spirit and their business sense;

– Conscious of the economic weight of their sector in the national economy and their strategies of poverty reduction, street vendors affiliated to StreetNet:

– Demand a better organization and structuring that are in line with their
developmental aspirations, from StreetNet affiliates.

– Call with all their energy for a system of social protection for all their

– Demand to Administrative and Municipal authorities, the creation of a
legal framework for street vendors.

– Invite those in power (the government) to establish the social dialogue as
a mean to solve all litigations that occurred concerning street vending

– Demand to Governments the recognition of a status of street vendors.

– Invite all street vendors wherever they are to unite around StreetNet in
order to exchange the positive experiences and successes.

– Demand to national States and decentralized local authorities to propose the reform of labour, hygiene, security, civil and trading obligations codes, in order to adapt them to the reality of the Informal Economy.



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