Founding Policy Resolution: Financial Self-Sufficiency

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Policy on Sustainability and Financial Self-sufficiency

This international congress, NOTING

1. That street vending is increasing all over the world as a result of job losses and lack of employment in the formal economy, and that this trend is irreversible;

2. That street vendors, market vendors and hawkers now represent a third of the urban informal workforce around the world;

3. That in many places, organizations of street vendors emerge in times of crisis but gradually fade away – when there is a recurrence of crisis, the organisation is often no longer in existence;

4. That there is a need for strong membership-based representative organizations of street and market vendors and hawkers, to struggle consistently for and secure their rights and facilities for economic activity;

5. That strong organization needs to be sustainable and financially self-sufficient in the long term.


1. That StreetNet International aims and seeks to become financially self-sufficient, for the sake of accountability and commitment of member organisations, who will be required to pay affiliation fees.

2. Other means of fundraising will be identified and pursued, including:

– international trade between street vendors’ projects in different countries;
– savings and credit initiatives;
– fundraising events (such as cultural events, etc.)

3. StreetNet International should practice sound financial management and control.

4. StreetNet will promote, develop and strengthen organisations of street vendors which can sustain the cause of street vendors and their right to earn a livelihood.

PROPOSED: Informal Business Forum, Johannesburg, South Africa

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