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Workers’ education is one of StreetNet’s central strategies and is at the heart of its very existence.

As a workers’ grassroots organization and in line with the principles of democratic popular education, we understand that, through the construction of educational practices for workers, based on the wisdom that street vendors have from their resilience and action in the world, and in proposing critical reflection about the contradictions of our society, it is possible to develop collective learning paths that strengthen and build the capacity of organizations to think about the world and transform reality.

StreetNet currently develops the following courses:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Strategic communication (Youth Reporters on the Ground)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Right To The City
  • Cross-Border Trade

And has the following worker’s education resources: ICC green books (all the resources)

We also have a partnership with the International Federation of Workers Education Association – IFWEA and develop online courses on the moodle platform Online Labour Academy – OLA.

StreetNet Regional Workshop in Dakar, Senegal