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If you are a journalist or a reporter, here you can find all the information about StreetNet to include in your article, podcast or video piece. Part of our mission is also to spread awareness in the media about the informal economy, the role of street vendors and their contribution to the labour movement.

Reach out to us if you:

  • Want to include StreetNet prespective into your media work and need background information
  • Are looking for stories on the global labour movement, the informal economy, the activities and struggles of street vendors
  • Need tips or contacts for your story
  • Want to improve your knowledge of informal economy or are interested in how to cover stories regarding street vendors using a non- stigmatising and non – criminalising language.

Downloadables & materials

Press releases

Here you can find all the press releases related to events and initiatives involving StreetNet.

Street vendors organizations across Asia come together in Kathmandu, Nepal to fight for their rights and recognition as workers

Informal economy workers gather in São Paulo to make the Social and Solidarity Economy a reality for all workers and celebrate the International Day of Street Vendors 

Global organizations representing 2.1 million informal economy workers call for a just transition at the International Labour Conference

Conference in Lagos, Nigeria, aims to propose solutions for social protection for informal economy workers

Street vendors of the world meet in Kigali, Rwanda, for the 7th International Congress of StreetNet

Street vendors in Kathmandu are mobilizing in mass to protest for access to public space and their right to work

StreetNet International celebrates its 20th anniversary


StreetNet organisational structure

Press mentions

Report highlights role of co-ops in formalising the informal economy, Cooperative News, May 2024

StreetNet renforce les capacités des ses affiliés sur les techniques de negociation collectives en Cote d’Ivoire, Yelco, April 2024

Negotiation workshop in Benin, tesimonies of Anastasie Chodaton, Pat Horn and Evelyn Benjamin- Sampson, Le Chasseur Info, April 2024


Amélioration des conditions des femmes du marché et des travailleurs de l’économie informelle au Bénin : La forte détermination et l’implication de la SG du Synavamab, Hirondelles, April 2024

Decent work and sustainable livelihoods: Why street vendors need to create co-operatives, Pioneers Post, Febraury 2024

Street Vendors Day calls for support, The Phnom Pehn Post, November 2023

SP recebe evento para falar da importância do trabalhador de economia informal no mundo, Rede TV, Novevember, 2023

Entidades internacionais da economia solidária se reúnem em SP para debater o setor, CUT, November 2023

Informal economy workers gather in Brazil to explore co-op model and SSE, November 2023

Street vendors are workers, too, Asian Labour Review, October, 2023

When informal workers took their destiny into their own hands, The Independent, October 2023

Protecția social-economică a comercianților stradali, pe agenda structurilor sindicale afiliate la organizația „StreetNet International, CONFEDERAȚIA NAȚIONALĂ A SINDICATELOR DIN MOLDOVA, October 2023

Sindicatos de Guatemala se unen a las movilizaciones que evidencian hechos de corrupción en el Ministerio Público, Latam Gremial, October 2023

Productivity Centre, FIWON, Streetnet set to train informal sector on productivity techniques, Nigerian Tribune, July 2023

Invisible’ informal workers rally for a role in green movement, Reuters, June 2023

Lagos conference to explore social protection for informal economy workers, Coop News, June 2023

Conference In Lagos, Nigeria, Aims To Propose Solutions For Social Protection For Informal Economy Workers,, June 2023

Confab seeks social protection for informal workers, Guardian Nigeria, June 2023

World street vendors to rally for protection at congress in Kigali, Rwanda Post, April 2023

Street Vendors Of The World Meet In Kigali, Rwanda, For The 7th International Congress Of StreetNet, Africa. com April 2023

For France’s 3m ‘precarious workers’, retirement age row is a sideshow, EUObsever, March 2023

Aren’t we workers, too? Ms. Magazine, March 2023

Organising women workers during war and beyond, WIEGO Blog, Febraury 2023

Street vendors to organize mass protest against KMC’s harassment on January 9, Republica, January 2023

Why is it difficult to meet Mayor Balendra Shah?, Kathmandu Post, January 2023

NEST organizes marches across Nepal to protest against ‘KMC’s highhandedness’, Republica, January 2023

hələ də həllini tapmayan problemlər, November 2022.


Global alliance of street vendors celebrates its 20th anniversary, Sahara Reporters, November 2022

В Азербайджане намерены развивать уличную и рыночную торговлю, Mir Azerbaycan, November 2022.

Secteur informel : La FAINATRASIT commémore les 20 ans de Streetnet International sous le signe de la protection sociale, Le Tabloid, November 2022.

RS estará representado em encontro continental de ambulantes, camelôs e feirantes, Brasil de Fato, May 2022

“There is no women movement without informal economy workers”, by Angelique Katani Kipulu, Equal Times, March 2022

“Street vendors are essential workers: where are our rights?”, by Lorraine Sibanda, Euronews, December 2021

More than 2 billion workers make up the informal economy, The Guardian, November 2021

Meet the Women Leading the Global Fight for Workers’ Rights in the Informal Economy, Time, November 2021

Battered by crises, working women in developing countries demand inclusion, CGTN, November 2021

Lay-offs contribute to informal sector growth, The Namibian, February 2022

Developing world economies hit hard by Coronavirus, BBC News, April 2020

Europe undocumented migrants eat once a day to survive the pandemic, Trtworld, May 2020

Workers’ right in informal economies, Open Democracy, October 2019

Jo’burg “clean sweep” is a dirty affair, Mail & Guardian, October 2013

StreetNet protest over “clean up” of vendors, The Zimbabwean, October 2017


Visit our picture gallery on Flickr, where you can explore amazing images of street vendors around the world.

See some examples here!

Durban beachfront African Street Market, South Africa. Photo by Bobby Marie.

Ouakam, Dakar, 27 January 2022. Photo by Marta Moreiras:

Durban – Flea Market – Durban Workshop Flea Market is located at Samora Machel St,Durban Central, South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal. Photo by Bobby Marie.

Press Contacts

We look forward to hearing from you and help you construct great stories that give a platform to informal economy workers and street vendors.

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