AZIEA (Alliance of Zambian Informal Economy Associations)

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AZIEA was formed on October 17th 2002.
It is open to street and market vendors, hawkers, and informal economy workers in Zambia. AZIEA is a representative organization of workers in the informal economy with 13 informal economy associations. It was formed with the objective of strengthening the voice in order to protect members’ interests after being in existence without any formal representation. Membership fees are paid annually.

• Organise the unorganised;
• Educate members on their civil and workers’ rights;
• Fight for recognition by advocating for bargaining forums between government and informal economy workers’ representatives;
• Advocate for the change of policies and laws that are unfriendly to informal economy workers.

To meet the above objectives, the association carries different activities under Lobbying and advocacy targeting members, government officials and officers, civil society organisations, unions, and the public.

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