LDFC (Ligue pour le Droit de la Femme Congolaise)

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Membership: The LDFC is an associations of hawkers, street and market vendors as well as workers in the informal sector. It represents 1 211 members in 4 provinces which are: the city of Kinshasa, Bandundu, South-Kivu and Bas-Kongo.

• To effectively contribute to the defense of women and young girls, to inform them of their rights so that they can benefit them;
• To assist women small scale farmers who grow vegetables, street vendors, small scale traders etc. as well as young mothers and unskilled, to enable them to take care of themselves.
• Educate and inform women and girls about the AIDS pandemic and about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDS).

In a spirit of active solidarity, LDFC aims to:
• Empower women to know and defend their rights;
• Help woman to discover her potential and exploit them for her betterment;
• Assist our beneficiaries to create and manage income-generating activities;
• Assist poor and destitute young girls through creating income-generating activities;
• Promote equality and respect of human capacities at work;
• Fight any form of discrimination against street vendors;
• Promote the participation and integration of woman in decision making structures;
• Promote equality and respect for the equal capabilities of people in the workplace.

That a Congolese Woman shall be able to promote the empowerment, protection and defense of her rights but also to be able to participate in decision making at all levels.

To promote, protect and defend the rights of the Congolese woman, so as to ensure her harmonious development.

Scope of Intervention:

a. Defense of woman’s rights and support to democracy: To train the trainers on rights, gender and election.
b. Community Development (Direct fight against poverty): Training on new farming skills and techniques

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National trade union center
Union Nationale des Travailleurs du Congo (UNTC)
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