Eleni Rozali

By StreetNet Media
March 29, 2022
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A digital native but creative at heart, Eleni has more than 15 years’ experience in the communications industry. The past 5 years she has been focusing mainly on digital marketing and is passionate about helping busy brands and organizations create and maintain an online presence through social profiles and websites, providing solutions that move hearts and minds. Her expertise involves strategy development, crisis management, digital and brand communications and event planning. She holds a BA in Marketing Management and an MA in Communication for Development from Malmo University.

When she’s not on her laptop [ a rare occurrence] she enjoys volunteering for the homeless or wandering the city.

She believes that one smile, one hug, one handshake, one kind word, can make the world a better place. For Eleni all challenges are accepted and all barriers can be transformed into experiential opportunities to gain momentum. Her motto: ·Be Kind·