Gabriela Calandria

By StreetNet Media
August 16, 2021
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Gabriela Calandria Álvarez belongs to the international council of Streetnet for two terms. She has been a member of the Wiego board since 2018 (representing workers).

She is a member of the board of AFFE (Asociación de Feriantes de Ferias Especiales) Uruguay – Montevideo, and was a founder of this association in 1991. Social leader, member of the social security commission in 1996 for the creation of the monotax for self-employed workers (BPS) .

A worker for gender equality rights, she has been in different feminist organizations in Uruguay, she is a social activist who never received income from her social and union work more than the satisfaction of contributing something to have a more just society. Her job is at the fair as a seller from 1990 to the present and her only income.