Iryna Yaskevich

By StreetNet Media
August 16, 2021
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Iryna Yaskevich was born on January 17, 1963 in the city Starye Dorohi, Minsk region, Belarus. She has graduated from Minsk Technological College with the specialization “Designer of female garments “. Since 1996 she becomes an entrepreneur (self-employed). In 1998 Iryna becomes a Chairperson of the Council of Entrepreneurs at a small market “Yuzhny”. In 2008 she was elected as a Chairperson of the Board of Entrepreneurs at one of the largest shopping center in Vitebsk called “Evikom”. Since 2005 the process of registering the Belarusian independent trade union “Together” has been going on. Until now, three constituent congresses of the union had taken place. In order to defend their right to an independent trade union there were three trials held in the Supreme Court and three times the registration of the union has been refused. Iryna has participated and initiated more than 12 strikes not only in the city of Vitebsk, but also in the city of Minsk, one of which lasted about 3 months. In the result of taking part in strikes in 2003, she was included in the working group in the Ministry of Economy. In 2017 she has registered the Entrepreneurship Support Center. Iryna devoted more than 20 years to the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights. She has two children and a granddaughter.